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Our Commitment to Our Clients

Allegoriq is committed to creating exceptional value for our clients. Our strategic approach to tax planning and collaboration with advisory teams is based on principles of trust and transparency.

What Sets Allegoriq Apart


We use strategic tax planning to extract the most value from your equity compensation awards. For your pending transaction, secondary sale, or IPO with a sensitive deadline, you need a forward-looking tax strategy. We’re focused on helping you prepare for these pivotal moments.


Given our focus on equity compensation, a majority of our clients work in tech. We specialize in advising early employees and executives in this industry with equity awards, using a suite of secure, tech-forward platforms to create a seamless and intuitive client experience. 


Honesty and transparency ensure that we act in the best interests of our clients.  We do not receive placement fees and we propose solutions that are truly the best fit for you.  The structure of our advisory relationship ensures that our incentives are directly aligned with yours.


Many clients are referred to us by other clients and advisors who value our relationship. Jack Meccia, Managing Director, has been quoted on tax issues for equity compensation in  the LA Times, Fortune, US News, Business Insider, and Venture Beat.

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Maximize the Value of
Your Stock Options

Our strategic and forward-looking approach to unlocking the value of your stock options and minimizing your tax exposure will prepare you for the pivotal moments ahead. 

Partner with us for a seamless and intuitive client experience.

Partner with Us to Get More From Your Equity

If you are interested in learning more about how we can create a detailed tax strategy to help you maximize the value of your equity compensation, let’s talk.

We Focus On Your Best Interest

As a flat-fee tax advisor, we believe our clients are entitled to honesty and full transparency in advisory fees and strategic advice.  

Integrated Tax Planning

We believe in collaborating with external advisors and building long-term relationships with our clients, without deriving any revenue from referral fees, sales commissions or revenue-sharing from investment providers.

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