Our Principles

In the Best Interest
of our Clients


Flat-Fee Advisors

We believe in using flat fees.  As a flat fee advisor, we do not accept any referral fees or commissions from placement in certain investment vehicles or transactions.  We act at all times for the sole benefit and interest of our clients.  We do not believe that anyone should receive tax advice from a party that stands to meaningfully benefit from a recommended transaction.

Preferred Approach for Tax Planning

Our flat fee structure encourages more collaborative relationships with both our clients and external parties. This allows us to specifically evaluate and understand the services or products being offered to our clients and to better articulate the value proposition as it relates to tax optimization for their financial plan.

Extract the Most Value From Your Equity Awards

Collaboration with External Advisors

We recognize that our clients have varying financial needs and have often engaged in external relationships with financial advisors, estate planners, corporate and securities counsel or others.  Whatever your situation, you can benefit greatly from tax advice you can trust, and an advisor capable of integrating equity into your comprehensive financial plan. 

Manage Complexity Through Integration

We can help you to effectively manage the complexity of your equity compensation and integrate an action plan into your personal financial planning goals by collaborating with other members of your advisory team.   Our approach is to harmonize the income tax strategy with external considerations, taking into account any financial constraints.  

What Sets Allegoriq Apart


We use strategic tax planning to extract the most value from your equity compensation awards. For your pending transaction, secondary sale, or IPO with a sensitive deadline, you need a forward-looking tax strategy. We’re focused on helping you prepare for these pivotal moments.


Given our focus on equity compensation, a majority of our clients work in tech. We specialize in advising early employees and executives in this industry with equity awards, using a suite of secure, tech-forward platforms to create a seamless and intuitive client experience. 


Honesty and transparency ensure that we act in the best interests of our clients.  We do not receive placement fees and we propose solutions that are truly the best fit for you.  The structure of our advisory relationship ensures that our incentives are directly aligned with yours.


Many clients are referred to us by other clients and advisors who value our relationship. Jack Meccia, Managing Director, has been quoted on tax issues for equity compensation in  the LA Times, Fortune, US News, Business Insider, and Venture Beat.